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Citron Story

Wuhan Citron Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Citron ") is a domestic high-tech enterprise, focusing on providing smart home  solution services, one of the Tuya ecological electrical solution providers, and also the founder of  the Chinese smart home industry Alliance (CSHIA), the international manufacturer unit of KNX Association,which is the only open standard technology in home and building field.          


Citron , with an end-users's request and attitude of excellence, designs, produces, and exports relatively standardized  solutions and various supporting intelligent control products for civil residential and commercial buildings . Since its establishment, the company has achieved a series of technological innovation achievements and market praise. Its  solutions have been used by leading Internet high-tech companies such as Tencent, iFlytek, and  Poly, OCT, Huafa, Gemdale and other top 100 real estate enterprises .        


For more than 10 years, Citron ’s strong enthusiasm for technology and innovation and continuous research on user’s  requirements have made it always at the forefront of intelligent control solution providers. Its founder, Mr. Wang , has served as a senior smart home manufacturer in many well-known intelligent industries. He has also been repeatedly awarded the title of “Gold Medal Lecturer” and “Most Popular Lecturer” in the field of smart home by professional media and alliance training institutions. So far, Citron has developed rapidly throughout the country, and its core partners are located in major domestic provincial capitals and new first-tier cities.

Citron History


establishment of Wuhan Citron Intelligent Technology CO.,LTD.


becoming one of the founder of CSHIA


publishment of the security system software for the first time


publishment of the intelligent scene control system for the first time


publishment of the system integration control software for the first time


Citron becoming the member of KNX association


publishment of the remote control platform software for the first time


publishment of the intelligent thermostat control system for the first time


publishment of the intelligent conference control system for the first time


Shijie Wang as the lecturer for CSHIA


Citron obtained the high-tech enterprise certification


Fully invested in product research and development


Excellent Smart Home Integration Service Provider Award in 2017


Shijie Wang won the title of the most popular lecturer of CSHIA smart home engineer training


Grand opening of the largest smart home experience hall in Central China


Established Wuhan Citron Intelligent Technology Company through 11 years of exploration


Citron Intelligent debuted at the Guangzhou Construction Expo, China


Citron shocked its appearance at Shanghai Home Furnishing Exhibition


Citron participated in Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition


Won the 2020 China Smart Home Technology Innovation Brand Award


Become the world's leading smart home brand enterprise

Corporate Culture

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